Can Eye Exams Be Performed Online?

Article Written and Posted by Brulimar - 6th August 2015

It has come to the media’s attention that there are companies offering “online eye examinations” to patients, preying on the benefit of consumer convenience. It’s not hard to see that the majority of businesses and services are making the move to digital, giving consumers around the clock access to their favourite shops from the comfort of their own home.

However there will always be some services, such as eye examinations or doctor’s appointments, which need to stay offline, in the interest of consumer safety and wellbeing.

The American Optometric Association (AOA) is claiming that there are severe pitfalls in separating refractive tests from annual comprehensive eye exams performed in-person by eye care professional, whilst becoming increasingly concerned that violations of Federal or State law might exist.

There are serious concerns that consumer eye health could be at stake, as these online eye examinations are relying on a network of affiliated ophthalmologists to prescribe appropriate patient care.

These “online eye exam” companies are administering misleading advertising to consumers, claiming to be providing an equivalent to a doctor or optometrist led eye exam, when really they may be practicing optometry without a license. The exams provided by these companies are performed by a computer, and then an ophthalmologist signs off computer generated prescriptions without ever examining the patient in person.

Michael Horstman, Executive Director of Illinois Optometric Association warns, “ Patient’s eye health should not be compromised for either price or convenience.”


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