Anti-VEGF Treatment, Anxiety & Depression

A recent study has highlighted how patients undergoing anti-VEGF treatment have suffered with mental illnesses. Anti-VEGF treatments are used to treat a number of eye conditions t...

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Kids Eyesight Being Affected By Blue Screens

Experts have issued a warning that children’s eyesight is deteriorating as a result of blue light from phones and computer screens.   Blue light can cause permanent da...

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Introducing Our New Manufacturing Division

As leading wholesale eyewear manufacturers, the team at Brulimar have launched a new manufacturing division for optical retailers.   The UK is one of the world’s most ...

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A New Treatment For Glaucoma Sufferers

Glaucoma currently has no cure and, according to the World Health Organisation, is the second leading cause of blindness in the world. However, thanks to a team of German researche...

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Oversleeping And The Risk Of Eye Diseases

New studies reveal that oversleeping is a having detrimental effect on both our health and eyesight.    Eye doctors are warning patients not to sleep for longer than re...

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Risking Eyesight – Causes And Cures

Leading opticians are reporting an increase in eye problems linked to obesity, smoking and poor hygiene. Opticians are reporting an increase in people experiencing problems with t...

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Children With Cataracts Regain Sight

Children with cataracts regain sight after radical stem cell treatment. A dozen infants who were born with cataracts have regained eyesight after scientists discovered a radical n...

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Dennis Taylor’s All New Pro-Snooker Glasses

At Brulimar, we're delighted to reveal our brand new game-changing sport eyewear frames, created alongside the 1985 snooker legend, and new Brulimar best friend, Dennis Taylor. The...

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Ways To Protect Your Eyesight

Many of us believe that, as we age our eyesight deteriorates naturally meaning that at some point we’ll all need to wear glasses. This isn’t true, however, and there ar...

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